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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which social surveys are available on "What Europe Thinks"?

All the major cross-European times-series surveys are included. Details can be found here.

2. Is there a step-by-step guide, for example, to creating one of the charts on the home page of the site?

The steps to creating the chart for the question about country facing better future outside the EU are outlined in the PDF file here.

3. I see that "What Europe Thinks" only includes European Union countries. How do I find survey data for non-EU countries?

Several of the survey series do, indeed, also include results from non-EU countries. These are all included in our parent web site:

4. The Contents List shows each survey series, such as Eurobarometer or ISSP, separately. I am only interested in the questions, not in which series they were asked. Would it not be better to have an integrated topic list across all the separate series?

Yes, indeed it would. It is work in progress in our Centre. But there are considerable challenges to designing such topic integration and our resources are extremely limited.

5. I would like to include results from the web site in a paper or report I am writing. Are there copyright restrictions and how do I reference your site?

No, there are no copyright restrictions. Please give the source as: ", developed by the Centre for Comparative European Survey Data".

6. I would like to include a direct link on another web site for some tables and charts on your site. Is this possible?

There is no automatic way to do this from the "What Europe Thinks" web site. However, it may be possible to arrange such a service. For specific requests, please contact

7. Is it possible to download some survey datasets to carry out my own statistical analyses?

No, this is not possible from this web site. The original datasets are held in a number of different data archives, in the UK, or Germany, or Norway, and available there to authorised users.

8. Why are Great Britain and Northern Ireland shown as separate countries instead of simply the UK?

Several of the survey series do not include Northern Ireland, only Great Britain. It would be misleading to include their data as representative of the UK as a whole.
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